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Scary Silence

One night lights went off in our locality. Though It went off for 5 minutes but the place became so quite & peaceful. Humming sound of tube light, cumulative noise of TV, Fan, A/C & many other things suddenly everything got cut off & there was silence & peace everywhere.

But after 2 minutes I got scared of that silence. I felt like I am sitting somewhere in Himalayas or some hill station or in some village where we usually don’t switch on a fan or an A/C while sleeping coz its cold outside.

That’s when I realised that, noise has become our part of life that for 5 minutes we can’t bear silence. It happened with me, I hope it doesn’t happen with you. But the question is are we loosing silence & peace from our life? Is it just a Mumbai phenomenon that we are so blindly running after materialistic life that we are losing the ability to sit back & relax? Or is it happening everywhere…. ?

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The myth Taj Mahal Or Tejo Mahalaya!


Purushottam Nagesh Oak (March 2 1917 – December 4 2007), commonly referred to as P. N. Oak, was an Indian writer and a Professor, notable for his historical revisionism based on the ideology of Hindutva.

Intent on rectifying what he believes to be “biased and distorted versions of India’s history produced by the invaders and colonizers”, Oak has written several books and articles on Indian history and founded an “Institute for Rewriting Indian History” in 1964.

To know more about P.N.Oak visit

Let’s see what he said about Taj Mahal in his banned book The true story of Taj Mahal.

Before few days I received a mail saying hidden truth of Taj Mahal.

BBC says about Taj Mahal—Hidden Truth – Never say it is a Tomb

No one has ever challenged it except Prof. P. N. Oak, who believes the whole world has been duped. In his book Taj Mahal: The True Story, Oak says the Taj Mahal is not Queen Mumtaz’s tomb but an ancient Hindu temple palace of Lord Shiva (then known as Tejo Mahalaya).

In the course of his research Oak discovered that the Shiva temple palace was usurped by Shah Jahan from then Maharaja of Jaipur, Jai Singh. In his own court chronicle, Badshahnama, Shah Jahan admits that an exceptionally beautiful grand mansion in Agra was taken from Jai Singh for Mumtaz’s burial. The ex-Maharaja of Jaipur still retains in his secret collection two orders from Shah Jahan for surrendering the Taj building. Using captured temples and mansions, as a burial place for dead courtiers and royalty was a common practice among Muslim rulers.

For example, Humayun,Akbar, Etmud-ud-Daula and Safdarjung are all buried in such mansions. Oak’s inquiries began with the name of Taj Mahal. He says the term “Mahal” has never been used for a building in any Muslim countries from Afghanisthan to Algeria. The unusual explanation that the term Taj Mahal derives from Mumtaz Mahal was illogical in atleast two respects.

Firstly, her name was never Mumtaz Mahal but Mumtaz-ul-Zamani,” he writes. Secondly, one cannot omit the first three letters ‘Mum’ from a woman’s name to derive the remainder as the name for the building.”Taj Mahal, he claims, is a corrupt version of Tejo Mahalaya, or Lord Shiva’s Palace.

Oak also says the love story of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan is a fairy tale created by court sycophants, blundering historians and sloppy archaeologists not a single royal chronicle of Shah Jahan’s time corroborates the love story.

Furthermore, Oak cites several documents suggesting the Taj Mahal predates Shah Jahan’s era, and was a temple dedicated to Shiva, worshipped by Rajputs of Agra city. For example, Prof. Marvin Miller of New York took a few samples from the riverside doorway of the Taj. Carbon dating tests revealed that the door was 300 years older than Shah Jahan. European traveler Johan Albert Mandelslo, who visited Agra in 1638 (only seven years after Mumtaz’s death), describes the life of the city in his memoirs. But he makes no reference to the Taj Mahal being built. The writings of Peter Mundy, an English visitor to Agra within a year of Mumtaz’s death, also suggest the Taj was a noteworthy building well before Shah Jahan’s time.

Prof. Oak points out a number of design and architectural inconsistencies that support the belief of the Taj Mahal being a typical Hindu temple rather than a mausoleum. Many rooms in the Taj! Mahal have remained sealed since Shah Jahan’s time and are still inaccessible to the public. Oak asserts they contain a headless statue of Lord Shiva and other objects commonly used for worship rituals in Hindu temples Fearing political backlash, Indira Gandhi’s government tried to have Prof. Oak’s book withdrawn from the bookstores, and threatened the Indian publisher of the first edition dire consequences.

Now after reading this what you say about TAJ MAHAL. &

There is only one way to discredit or validate Oak’s research.

The current government should open the sealed rooms of the Taj Mahal under U.N. supervision, and let international experts investigate.

There is only one way to prove a research wrong just prove the research findings wrong.

If government knows that Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan for his beloved Mumtaj & they have enough evidence about it than why not they are proving Oak’s findings wrong?

Why are they not opening those doors which are sealed?

Why Indira Gandhi’s government tried to threaten publishers & banned the book?

To all these questions there are no answers but in the year 2000 India’s Supreme Court dismissed Oak’s petition to declare that a Hindu king had built the Taj Mahal and reprimanded him for bringing the action, saying he had a “bee in his bonnet” (strange idea or notion; also, an idea that is harped on, an obsession) about the Taj.

In 2005 a similar petition was dismissed by the Allahabad High Court. This case was brought by Amar Nath Mishra, a social worker and preacher who says that the Taj Mahal was built by the Hindu King Parmar Dev in 1196.

Instead of getting angry and just dismissing the case will not prove Oak’s findings wrong.

Why the Indian government is not taking any initiative to explicit these facts.

Is it political reasons or cultural reasons? We don’t know

These facts will remain always hidden & will always be open for discussions. In this world somewhere someone will be discussing about these issues. Few will agree with Oak’s findings & few will dismiss it.

Nothing will change if Oak’s findings are proved right but the world will come to know few facts which are hidden in the Indian history.

Children will learn true history instead of any blunder.

Anyways Taj Mahal or Tejo Mahalaya the beauty of Taj will never go in vain but the reason of visiting Taj will definitely change.

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Train ki kuch halki phulki baaten.

It’s almost 2 years, that I travel by Mumbai trains.

What I feel about Mumbai trains is, they are very moody, sometimes they come on time,  sometimes they don’t, sometimes your regular train comes half empty or sometimes there is no place, sometimes announcement happens that 12 compartments train is arriving at platform number 2 finally that train which arrives is not 12 compartments it’s 9 compartments. Trust me its few minutes fun to see hush-hush among people.

I have usually seen while traveling in the train, there are different types of human beings who travel;

People talk to their friends or colleagues that nothing good is going to happen in Mumbai its getting worst day by day or this government is just not doing what they actually have to do or every politicians are corrupted xyzzzz.

But these talks just remains for few minutes & what I have started believing after couple of years of traveling, that we enjoy these talks, it doesn’t last long may be 5 mins or till the time person goes in his personal comfort zone.

As soon as the person gets into his personal space he goes into his own thoughts.

There few things I have observed what people do while traveling in the wonderful trains of Mumbai.

There are few types of archetypes you will meet in the train

Talking maniacs:

  • This type of humans will start talking about what happened today in the office with their friends or colleagues or their fellow travelers. Or
  • They will start the everlasting hot topic called share bazaar. Or
  • They will have topics related their family or society.
  • People who don’t know each other, almost starts with the current situations like:
    • Aaj kuch zyaada rush hai na or
    • Aaj train late hai na

This type of humans are straight face, tired body, looking at one thing, doesn’t have any emotion on the face, standing quite doing nothing. God knows what they must be thinking, there can be only two possibilities one is positive thinking or negative thinking. If you ask me I will go with latter one.


These kinds of people get themselves in something or the other:

They will start reading newspaper or any book.

Person next to him is also an involver he will start reading the same news paper. May be he is reading some other news or the same news but for sure he will be pissed once the paper is turned to next page.


Some will involve themselves in cards; this kind of people has their x particular train to catch on y particular time. They meet in the train without uttering a word they start with their old game.

Some are Indian Idols they have their gang and they meet in x particular train till their stop comes they go on singing bahjans. They sing whole heartedly and trust me they have amazing tune. I believe there is huge unexplored talent in India. Thanks to shows like Boogie Woogie & Indian Idol they are nurturing the real talent from small places in India

There are some kinds of people who knows on which second they have to climb in the train, they know the trick to get into the jam train. Within few seconds they are gone inside.


There are these old guys who are pre decided where they want to stand they will enter the train and want to go to that same place where they are comfortable in.

I don’t understand one thing why old people catch these peak hour trains , may be they have to reach somewhere on time but what’s the hurry at this age they can’t be late for some time and catch less jam train.

They get in these pack trains and trust me they are scared of the crowd coz of that they hold them so tightly that it’s very difficult to stand besides them.

There are some old jerks I don’t know what they are thinking at that moment of time if you say anything to them they will straight away shout on you.

For an e.g. Few days back I was in a train and one guy besides me told one old uncle, please if you can go little inside so I can stand properly, this jerk started yelling on this guy without any reason: there is no place where should I go, you come here and see, should I sit on your head. I was completely annoyed looking at this. Strange right, imagine if there is a guy like this one in every train then how many mad people are roaming around in Mumbai.


Outlier is also a routine guy he wants to go in his actual train but he has an allergy to get into the train. He will stand outside near the door & on every station he will get down to allow people to go in & then again he will stand in his actual place. Usually there are 4 to 5 people standing in that zone & from that the best place to stand is the first place (First in the direction where the train is heading) The second guy who stands behind him will always be geared up to jump to that place as soon as he moves out.

That place is awesome once I had a privileged to stand there it was amazing experience,

wind blows on your face,

there is no hush hush to move around &

if your station arrives you are the first one to get down.

Whenever you travel in the train try and stand in that area it’s simply awesome experience but be careful. (Hold your hands tightly to the side rod and be vigilant) and if you want more fun then try to occupy someone’s else place when he gets down at the station to allow the crowd to pass.

In the end I would like to say these are my observations in the first class compartment of Mumbai trains, I strongly believe names of these archetypes can differ but characteristics will be more or less same and if your thoughts are not matching my thoughts then outside it’s your world & your eyes. Right now you are in my world!!!! 😉

If I come across some other archetypes I will surely add them but till then keep reading.

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Power to be united!…

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