Posted by: Punit Dawda | July 3, 2009

Power to be united!…

Before few days I was chatting with my colleague & he told me an interesting incident which he saw on television.

A bunch of hungry tigers were looking out for their prey & suddenly they came across 2-3 buffaloes. Their end objective was to kill all 3 & get some delicious food to eat but unfortunately 2 of them escaped & one got trapped.

After listening, that 2 buffaloes ran away & saved their life I thought what a coward thing to do by running away from that place and leaving the fellow person to die a dreadful death. (Atleast they should have tried to save him)

Till fifteen minutes the trapped buffalo kept on fighting but there was no hope. He got injured but still he wanted to save his life and run away from that place to enjoy his freedom with his family & friends.

But after some time there were around 500 buffaloes surrounded the tigers. Imagine 500 of them. Now the scene has reversed now these tigers wants to save their life and run away from that place but there is no way out.

Tigers tried very hard to rescue themselves from there but they were unsuccessful.

When I heard this story first thing that came to mind was:
This is called unity,
This is power of one community,
This is respect for the fellow person.

Second thing that came to my mind was:
Are animals capable to understand these fundamental responsibilities?

– If they can, then why can’t us.

Third thing what came to my mind was:
Don’t you think this same incident happened with us few weeks back? (26/11)
I completely understand it was much more then this story, there was one who was going die & we saw 200 of them dying, these terrorist came to our territory with all arms & ammunition and attacked us for three consecutive days. (What planning!)

Only point I am trying to say here is, after many years we have tried to be united & became one with peace march, our voices has been raised with the help of media, with sharing stories whose family members has died in the terror war…. and many other things….

Please don’t let this fire go off because once it’s gone it will be very difficult to lit it back.


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