Posted by: Punit Dawda | July 4, 2009

Scary Silence

One night lights went off in our locality. Though It went off for 5 minutes but the place became so quite & peaceful. Humming sound of tube light, cumulative noise of TV, Fan, A/C & many other things suddenly everything got cut off & there was silence & peace everywhere.

But after 2 minutes I got scared of that silence. I felt like I am sitting somewhere in Himalayas or some hill station or in some village where we usually don’t switch on a fan or an A/C while sleeping coz its cold outside.

That’s when I realised that, noise has become our part of life that for 5 minutes we can’t bear silence. It happened with me, I hope it doesn’t happen with you. But the question is are we loosing silence & peace from our life? Is it just a Mumbai phenomenon that we are so blindly running after materialistic life that we are losing the ability to sit back & relax? Or is it happening everywhere…. ?



  1. Hi Punit,

    Definately we mumbaikars are loosing out on silence & peace. Other metropolitan cities are also getting affected but the highest strike is to mumbaikars. There is a definate need to bring in something like “Art of Living”

  2. We mumbaikars are definately loosing the silent zone and peace. There would be hardly any place were people would feel the silence. Its full of traffic and noise all round the place. Efforts need to be put to create some place atleast at the outskirts of the city wherein people would find greenary and peaceful atmosphere.

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